If you are a surfer, you’ve definitely heard of Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia! The main attraction in Queensland, Surfers Paradise is one of the top holiday and surfing destinations around the world. Renowned for its perfect beach lifestyle, Surfers Paradise beach is truly a paradise. Your stay at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast will be full of spectacular beauty, vibrant colours and moods, and miles of clean white sand!

Providing 24×7 actions, Surfers Paradise has plenty of entertainment and activity choices from theme parks to water sports to electric nightlife. When in Surfers Paradise, you’ll never be bored or worried about what to do next, albeit you may be troubled about trying to squeeze in everything within the few days you spend there!
It has to be said that Surfers Paradise is as exciting during the daytime as it is during night time. Imploring you to explore your limits and its boundaries, Surfers Paradise is a treasure trove of small and delightful pleasures like local art and handicraft works, bargain shopping outlets, designer boutiques, casual beachfront tapas and fine dining restaurants. Night-time beachfront markets are also a huge hit with tourists.

Surfers Paradise dons a whole new look come nightfall. There is perceptible excitement and energy in the cool Surfers breeze. There is live music, pulsating dance beats, groovy hip-hop tunes lilting through the skies and there is a wide variety of entertainment events to keep you awake well in to the wee hours of next morning.

Of course after such a busy and tired night of action, a quiet and lazy day at the beach is just what the doctor would have prescribed. If you aren’t a water baby, you can always learn to surf from the pros. Come March and you can enjoy live thrilling surfing competitions that make the ocean a battle zone of talent and daredevilry.
Truly Surfers Paradise is a hard day’s work and one of the best experiences of the Gold Coast.