Gold Coast Holiday Rentals (HRSP) is the premier property management company on the Gold Coast today. It boasts of hundreds of property owners as clients, majority of them already repeat customers.

Should you wish to have your property added into the listing and see an increase in profits and patronage, we suggest you take the following steps:

  1. Contact the company. Know what types of services they can extend to you and your property. You can call the phone number 0418 658 694 or e-mail HRSP
  2. Make sure you can cooperate. There are plenty of pieces of information GHCR has to get from you, such as the possible rates you can extend to your potential customers and a list of amenities and services. The representative will also sit down with you in setting up the financial budget and rates for the entire year. Your cooperation then becomes highly necessary. Make sure you can take the time to meet the company’s representative as well as answer their phone calls and e-mails.
  3. Prepare the list of information. To give you an idea what HRSP needs from you, you at least have to provide floor plans, resort facilities, rate comparisons, car parking, and other data the guest would like to know prior to booking the said property.

You have to remember that the company caters only to those properties found in Gold Coast. This is to ensure that they remain the best in what they do, by focusing on a particular niche market.

What They Can Do

In turn, HRSP offers a wealth of benefits to both tourists and property owners:

  • They can help source out guests through the creation of websites and other online marketing campaigns such as newsletters and e-mail blasts.
  • They can help take care of the necessary maintenance and repairs of the property, from electrical to air-conditioning unit. They can also purchase additional equipment to further increase the value of the apartment complex, resort, or private home. Specialized cleaning can also be offered, especially for the balcony, window, oven, and carpet. Pest control system is also set up.
  • Owners can receive the funds or profits on a regular basis, first business day of the following month. To monitor the reservation system, HRSP uses HiSite or the Hirum reservation system.
  • They have impeccable customer service and superior knowledge in marketing properties within Gold Coast.
  • Owners will also receive regular e-mails from the company, indicating the occupancy rates and forward booking.