Any tourist should know that there’s more to Surfers Paradise than the usual beach, sand, girls and boys, and parties. For one, there’s the Surfers Paradise Festival, which is perhaps one of the longest celebrations you’ll ever have.

What the Festival Is About

This festival is very long. It lasts for more than 9 weeks. However, this will be enough time to give you a thorough idea of what the region is definitely about. It’s divided into different categories. You have arts, food, music, fringe, and films. Fringe is usually anything out of range, wild, unexpected, and free projects produced by the locals themselves (sometimes tourists would love to participate). A day can be composed of any or all of the following categories.

The festival happens from May to June and at different points of Surfers Paradise.

What to Do

There are a lot, and you can just take a pick. First, you can listen to the sounds of local musicians and bands. You can hear them in open grounds, as well as inside restaurants and bars. It’s common to have the barbecue gathering or a buffet of delectable food from different parts of the world. Exhibits are also regular. These may include schools, museums, and art galleries. Markets may offer the best items at reduced prices.

Catch the latest full-feature and short films, majority of them produced by independent companies and directors. The good news is there are times when these movies are shown without an extra cost. All you have to do is to sit on the park and enjoy the film with your friends and family.

The Fringe is also one of the most anticipated events since it gives you a whole new look at Surfers Paradise. You can participate in an impromptu dance presentation, watch cabarets, comical skits, circus, and a whole lot more.

Of course, your stay in Surfers Paradise will never be complete without dropping by some of its popular attractions such the beaches, theme parks, and national parks. You can also visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and shop at arts and crafts market and Broadbeach Lantern Market.

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