Many tourists have described Surfers Paradise, QLD, as Hawaii in the US. The differences that make them unique are the wider and brighter beaches and economically priced accommodation and eating options. Of course, if you love beer then Surfers Paradise is the place for you to enjoy Australian beer!

Warm sunny days spent soaking up the sun, swimming or diving and nights spent drinking, dancing, and relaxing. That’s the kind of holiday you can expect when you visit Surfers Paradise. Intersperse your daytime water activities with some shopping, eating, and sleeping and you’ll quickly feel what heaven is like. Surfers Paradise is the most famous and popular beach town on the Gold Coast and boasts of 70 long km of perfectly gorgeous and lusciously brown beaches. But wait, that’s not all. It also has unmeasurable length of meandering rivers, basins, and a wide-eyed range of water sports!

Much like Ibiza, the night life at Surfers Paradise is high voltage, high volume and completely fantastic for party goers who are surfers during the day. So where do you go for cooling off after all the surfing? The best place is Orchid Avenue. This is located just off Cavill Avenue and has some of the best night clubs.

Some of the most popular nightclubs on Orchid Ave are:

  • Cocktails & Dreams (A Multi-level Club)
  • Elsewhere
  • Melbas
  • Ruby Tramp
  • Shooters
  • The Drink

If you are looking for adult entertainment, you can find it on Orchid Ave easy. You can also head to Cavill Avenue which is just a stone throw away. Nightclubs on Cavills are:

  • The Bavarian Haus
  • Fiddlers Green Irish Bar
  • O’Malleys Irish Pub
  • Ktty o’Shea’s

Circle on Cavill and Chevron Renaissance are two restaurants that offer a relaxing and soothing experience. Circle on Cavill has a sexy and chic cocktail bar called Foxy Brown that serves vodka from glasses made of ice!