3 bedroom Apartments with 5 Star Style!

3 bedroom Apartments with 5 Star Style!

Orchid Residences, Apartment 11405

If you’re ideal Gold Coast holiday includes spacious and luxurious accommodation located in the main tourist hub, then you definitely have to consider Orchid Residences for your accommodation. Located smack bang in the centre of Surfers Paradise, Orchid Residences is co-located with a 5 star hotel and offers luxurious 3 bedroom apartments and 5 star facilities at very affordable prices.

All the major tourist hotspots of Surfers Paradise, including shopping centres, markets, restaurants and nightclubs are all located close to Orchid Residences. Whether you’re travelling with family or friends, you won’t find any better 3 bedroom apartments in Surfers paradise, I guarantee it!

Here, at HRSP, we manage six 3 bedroom apartments at Orchid Residences which can sleep 6-8 guests. Consider the following for an ideal Gold Coast holiday.

1. Orchid Residences, Apartment 23701

Orchid Residences, Apartment 23701

Apartment 23701 offers much more than what you would expect from a 5 star hotel. Spacious, immaculate and packed with world class amenities, it promises to make your holiday much more enjoyable. For just $295 per night, you can enjoy this luxurious 3 bedroom apartment which is located on the 37th floor of the Orchid Highrise Tower.

2. Orchid Residences, Apartment 11405

Apartment 11405 offers you luxury living on your Gold Coast holiday. Expect nothing but the best from this elegant and fully furnished apartment which is located on the 14th floor of the Boulevard Tower. This 3 bedroom apartment rivals the best 5 star hotels in Surfers Paradise with the amenities and facilities on offer. Best of all, this majestic apartment is available for prices as low as $295 per night!

3. Orchid Residences, Apartment 13005

Apartment 13005 will definitely add a lot of charm to your Surfers Paradise holiday. It is situated high above Surfers Paradise on the 30th floor of the Boulevard Tower where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Surfers Paradise skyline. This 3 bedroom apartment also offers better amenities that you would expect from a hotel. Elegant, spacious and practical, Apartment 13005 is available for just $295 per night.

4. Orchid Residences, Apartment 23303

Apartment 23303 offers you quality accommodation at surprisingly affordable prices. A pristine apartment located on 33rd floor of the Orchid Highrise Tower, it is roomy and packed with modern amenities to make your holiday experience much more memorable. Whether you’re a group of friends or a family looking for luxurious accommodation on the Gold Coast, Apartment 23303 will perfectly suit your needs. This 3 bedroom apartment is available for just $350 per night.

5. Orchid Residences, Apartment 25102

Apartment 25102 offers breath-taking views of the beaches and the hinterland from the 51st level of the Orchid Highrise Tower. Fully self-contained with amenities that rival the best of hotels, this roomy 3 bedroom apartment is perfect for families or a group of friends on a Gold Coast holiday. To experience the best of luxury accommodation at affordable prices, you simply can’t beat Apartment 25102. For just $375 per night, you can enjoy this elegant apartment on your Surfers Paradise holiday.

6. Orchid Residences, Apartment 24802

Orchid Residences, Apartment 24802

Apartment 24802 offers stunning views of the Gold Coast from the 48th floor of the Orchid Highrise Tower. A spacious 3 bedroom apartment which is equipped with 5 star facilities and amenities, Apartment 24802 rivals the best of hotels in the area. Available for just $325 per night, this apartment allows you to enjoy 5-star luxury at the fraction of the cost. You’ll certainly have a tough time finding such great accommodation elsewhere in Surfers Paradise.

To enjoy a 3 bedroom apartment at the fraction of the cost of booking multiple hotel rooms, choose to stay with us at Orchid Residences. Whether you’re a family or a group of friends looking to enjoy a Gold Coast holiday, our spacious and elegant 3 bedroom apartments at Orchid Residences will perfectly suit large groups. While the standard tariffs of these apartments sleep up to 6 guests, you can pay a small surcharge fee to hire additional rollaway beds and sleep up to 8 guests. Our holiday apartments certainly offer the best value for money and if you book fast, you can take avail of our special blog offer. Enjoy 10% off your 3 bedroom apartment by using the coupon code D10. Click here to book your stay today.

If you would like any further information about Orchid Residences, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you out in every way that we can.

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