Get ready to Rock and Roll, with the biggest, multi-staged music festival to hit the streets of Surfers Paradise yet. ‘Surfers Paradise Live’ is a free live music event that will send the entire Surfers Paradise surroundings thumping to raw, Gold Coast reared music.

Surfers Paradise LIVE Ngaiire. Photo by Sarah Keayes
Surfers Paradise LIVE. Ngaiire. Photo by Sarah Keayes

This event kicks off May 8th and concludes the night of May 10th. This multi- staged event will set the stage on fire, at three of the most popular Surfer Paradise neighborhoods, right through Surfers Paradise beach, Orchid Avenue and Cavil Mall. Groove yourself to a mix of contemporary and traditional music by extravagant local and international performers. A free for all and apt for all age groups event, what more can you ask for!

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