If you’re planning your first trip to Australia, then you need to be aware of a few things. As a local, I will provide some important information that you should keep in mind before visiting our country.

  1. Australia is very expensive: In case you don’t already know, holidaying in Australia is very expensive. You’ll need to shell out a minimum of $100 every day for food, activities and accommodation.
  2. It isn’t sunny all year round: Contrary to what most tourists believe, Australia does not experience sunny weather all the time. While northern destinations are mostly warm, southern states can be quite cold. Moreover, the tropical climate often brings afternoon storms.
  3. Vast stretches of nothingness: Australia may have lively cities, but there are vast stretches of nothingness between them. There are a few small towns but mostly, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere if you step outside of a major city.
  4. Always swim between flags: I don’t want to deter you but, Australia is known for its shark infested waters. If you’re planning to go swimming, make sure to swim on patrolled beaches, between flags. This will help you avoid sharks and dangerous swells. Also, never swim alone.
  5. Our coffee is hands down amazing!: Another less known fact about Australia is that our coffee is simply the best in the world; seriously! In fact, Starbucks couldn’t even complete with local cafes and coffee shops – the coffee is just that good. If you’re heading to Surfers Paradise, click here to see our best cafes.

So, before you book your Australian holiday, be sure keep these things in mind and you’ll be set to have an enjoyable holiday.  

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