January is usually the time of the year when travel-related organisations are researching the best destinations to promote in the upcoming year. They choose the destinations based on popularity, safety, number and quality of attractions, and other elements that are seriously being considered by tourists when they’re choosing their holiday destination.

Australia is always a popular choice of destination for several reasons. International tourists, visit Australia to escape their winter to experience warm, sunny weather that Australia is famous for. They also visit this country to enjoy some of the world’s finest beaches, great restaurants, UNESCO World heritage sites, and to experience our Australian culture for themselves.

For most international tourists, the one thing that must be experienced in Australia is our world-class pristine beaches. Tourists love the idea of spending hours under the sun, reading their favourite book on the beach, watching the sunset, and spending the day experiencing magnificent, stunning-views of the best beaches in the world, and what’s more, it won’t cost them a cent.

Some of the most visited Australian cities are the following:

Melbourne – This is one of the most popular cities in Australia. Considered by gem not just by tourists but also the locals, Melbourne is surrounded by the rugged beauty of the country and it never fails to offer visitors everything they need when they are on a holiday. Here, you can find a little bit of everything. You can find some of the world’s finest botanic gardens, breath-taking museums, awe-inspiring sceneries, pristine beaches, and countless restaurants.

Sydney – Known as the Harbour City, this is Australia’s oldest, largest, and most cosmopolitan city. It enjoys the reputation of being one of the world’s most liveable and beautiful cities. It boasts rich history and brims with cuisine, fashion, art, nature, and culture. The home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, this city has been recently named as one of the most ethnically diverse and most culturally-rich cities not just in Australia but also in the world.

Brisbane – This is Australia’s third largest city, which in recent years was transformed from sleepy country town to sleek, cosmopolitan city that boasts booming live music scene, world-class art galleries, and fabulous café culture. Retaining it’s laid-back, easy attitude of a small community, Brisbane is now one of the most desirable places to live in the country with about four thousand people moving up here every month.

Surfers Paradise / Gold Coast – This is one of Australia’s most visited places. It is very popular with both local and international tourists because of several different attractions, great weather, friendly people, great shopping districts, and of course, pristine beaches. It is also popular because of the Surfers Paradise accommodation options that are preferred even by celebrities.

Australia remains to be a great holiday destination

Gold Coast, AustraliaWith several great cities to visit, it is no wonder why Australia is expected to continue to attract international tourists this year. It is also expected that the demand for accommodation in the country will continue to increase because of this.

Based on official figures released by Tourism Research Australia, in 2012-2013, the national room supply increased by 1.3% or 2,900 rooms while the room nights demand reached 54 million nights in the same period.

According to the same report, demand is expected to outstrip supply placing upward pressure on room rates. On the Gold Coast, the average yield per room is $104.20. This represent 4.3% increase compared to data gathered the year before. Sydney saw a 2.4% with $155.46. Other cities that registered increase yield per room are Adelaide (.6%), Perth (.9%), Hobart (5.5%), and Darwin (17.6%). Meanwhile, Brisbane registered -1.6% to $133.19 while it was a -6.0 for Canberra at $123.94/room.

Australia’s tourist accommodation is set to remain positive which is great news for Australian tourism businesses including accommodation providers. The five-year forecast say that demand for accommodation will increase by .6% while the 10-year forecast revealed that it will increase by .5% (Read ‘Serviced Apartment bookings on the Increase’).

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