If you feel the need to go to the beach and spend at least one day under the sun where you don’t have to think about work and the stresses of life, you better start looking for last minute hotel deals for the Gold Coast; one of the most relaxing places in all of Australia. Here, you’ll find some many things to see and do that a day visit just wouldn’t be long enough. There are of course, some of the world’s most pristine beaches, world-class theme parks, luxury accommodation, relaxing resorts, and friendly people.

If you think that you’re the only one looking for last minute hotel deals for an overnight trip to the Gold Coast, you better think again. Based on a report released by Travel Queensland, between December 2009 and December 2012 there were a total of 9,666,000 visitors on either an overnight or day trip to the Gold coast with a total of 20,653,000 nights’ accommodation booked. Together, they spent $4,227,000 on Gold Coast accommodation.

Of the 9,666,000 international and national overnight tourists, 3,142,000 of them were domestic travellers. Their main reasons for needing accommodation the Gold Coast were for a holiday (70%). The 22% were here to visit friends or relatives while 6% were here for business. The report also shows that the top 3 main transport that these visitors used are driving their own vehicles (61%), air transport (36%) and railway (2%).

The top domestic markets include Brisbane (16%), Regional QLD (15%), NSW (33%), Victoria (23%), and South Australia (6%).

Meanwhile, the top activities that these visitors have undertaken while they were on the Gold Coast included eating out at restaurants (70%), going to the beach (52%), go shopping for pleasure (44%), visit friends or relatives (41%), and general sightseeing (29%).

As for accommodation, it seems that last minute hotels are a popular choice as 30% chose to say in a hotel, motel, resort, or motor inn. Meanwhile 24% rented a holiday house, apartment, flat, or unit. There were also those who stayed with their friends and relatives (24%) and serviced apartments (13%). The remaining 4% stayed at caravan parks or commercial camping grounds.

Tips for planning a last minute Gold Coast Trip

Sometimes, being spontaneous can be a lot of fun. Instead of planning your holiday weeks or months in advance, being adventurous and just picking up your bag and getting on a plane can be such an exciting, memorable, and liberating experience. It’s usually one of those experiences that will come up each time you talk to friends and relatives.

However, there are some things that you still need to do even if you’re going to the Gold Coast at the last minute. Aside from arranging your transport, you also need to secure a last minute hotel soon as possible. This is extremely important if you’re going during high season when everything seems like they’re all booked.

For the best last minute hotels, you’ve come to the right please. At HRSP.com.au, we offer special last minute hotel deals for people like you. Just search our pick the accommodation that you prefer, and book it online. You can even do this on the way here using your credit card. It’s that convenient.

Next, you need to plan for your whole holiday. Depending on how long you’re going to stay, it’s a good idea to complete a list of attractions to visit and things to do. The Gold Coast is the home to pristine beaches where you can swim, surf, and do amazing water activities, so you may want to include this in your itinerary, and a lot of these activities are free! You may also want to check out different restaurants at Surfers Paradise if you want to do some food tripping. Other activities include going to theme parks, hiking to the Hinterland, and visiting Gold Coast’s World Heritage sites. For more ideas, read ‘The Gold Coast: The perfect Day Trip Destination

How to Save

Some people hesitate to go on last minute adventure thinking that it will cost them a fortune. Well, this isn’t always the case. There are still ways on how you can stick to your budget. When booking your plane tickets for example, use websites that compare prices. Sometimes, there are airlines that offer huge discounts at the last minute. They’d rather sell the seats at lower prices than not to make a sale at all. This is the same for some accommodation providers; look for last minute hotel deals for big savings. All it takes is a little research and you can have great Gold Coast holiday without it costing you a fortune. Want some more ideas on how to get great deals on last minute accommodation? Read ‘How to find last minute hotel deals

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