You’ve seen fliers telling you that the Gold Coast is golden all year round and that any time of the year is a good place to visit. From the tone of that flier, you already know that it’s a sales pitch. While there’s no hard rule on what is the best time of the year to visit the Gold Coast, there are things you have to consider.

For example, how much are you willing to spend? The rates rise during the summer months of December to February except for peak days like Christmas, the New Year, and Valentine’s day. However, the temperature can be a bit uncomfortably hot (ranging from 20º – 28º C) at noon, as well. Despite the hot weather, travellers come in droves because this is also the ideal weather for a lot of beach activities.

In the autumn months of March to May, the temperature’s going to be a bit more tolerable. While there are going to be occasional rain showers during this time of the year, days can still be bright enough for most outdoor activities. The prices may be a bit lower than they were during the summer, but these are the perfect months for you to visit the Gold Coast if you plan to go fishing.

When the lower third portion of Australia experiences winter, Gold Coast turns into a holiday Mecca. The weather’s considerably colder, but a lot of people still come here to golf or bowl. As expected, most would stay inland as beach activities aren’t very popular when you have to wear your wetsuit.

In November, during the Spring Break, prepare yourself for quite a crowd of schoolies. The hotel rates drop significantly during this month because they’re trying to attract college students. While it’s a good time for anyone to take advantage of the great group package deals, you might have to fight for space at the beach. Imagine three campuses sharing the same strip of Aussie golden sands with you and most of them are quite drunk. It’s not a very pretty picture, is it?

No matter what time of the year you visit the Gold Coast, bring the right clothes. Summers and autumns here can be quite warm but sometimes, the unexpected rains can creep up on you so don’t forget your hoodie.

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