The Gold Coast is strung out for 37 kilometres from Paradise Point in the north to Coolangatta in the south, But looking at the urban area from east to west, the width of development is barely 10 kilometres, leaving aside the communities nestled in the surrounding bush. It is the close proximity of the eastern slopes of the Great Dividing Range that hems development into this narrow ribbon.

While you are here, do not overlook the hidden charm of the Gold Coast – known as the “hinterland” that for many locals provides the real appeal. There are not many places in Australia or elsewhere for that matter that you are so close to so much convenience and so much natural beauty – and, if needed, Brisbane is less than an hour away on one of the best motorways in Australia.

So if you are holidaying on the Gold Coast, enjoy not only the beaches but also the lush green hinterland which after the rains of recent days is looking particularly magnificent. There are many communities nestled in the surrounding hills and valleys and more often than not these villages are host to vibrant artisan communities from potteries to art galleries, folk museums and tea rooms. To give you an idea of what you will find, we have established a photo site at Flickr ( so you can see for yourself what a Gold Coast holiday has to offer and remember, with Gold Coast Holiday Rentals, you choose not only your location but the actual unit or house in which you will stay. You get personalized service from our trained staff and — importantly, you are dealing with a registered real estate agent, bound by a professional code of conduct. Would you want it any other way?