Apartment 4204 Surfers Paradise continues to be one of the most successful, sought-after and popular accommodation choices not only in Surfers Paradise but the entire Gold Coast – even Queensland.

Aside from ranking as one of the top 10 Surfers Paradise hotels on TripAdvisor, it recently received a 3.5/5 score in Traveller.com.au. This website is an authority for anything travel related that will interest Australians. Under its review sections, one can find dozens of articles for hotels, inns and apartments, to name a few, in key cities around the world. Even the fact that it was reviewed by such a website is a testament to its fame.

Apartment 4204 Surfers Paradise Scores with Traveller.com.au

Let’s look at why Apartment 4204 Surfers Paradise scored so well on this website:

The Tallest of Them All

First and foremost, it is currently the tallest hotel/apartment/resort on the Gold Coast standing over 320 metres above sea level. It is composed of more than 78 floors, some of which have been leased to tenants, making it a real complex in a modern sleek architecture.

Many of the apartments in Apartment 4204 Surfers Paradise can certainly provide an amazing view of the city, including the hinterlands and oceans. However, the review wants to warn the public that its height may not be for the faint of heart or those who are afraid of height. (Note: I believe, however, that the views and the amenities of the hotel are more than enough to remove your anxiety.)

Apartment 4204 Amenities

Apartment 4204 Surfers Paradise is known as a luxury resort for a reason. Apart from having its own set of tenants, it is also located in the heart of Surfers Paradise at Hamilton Street. It sits very close to Cavill Mall, which is accessible by walking for only a few minutes.

The acclaimed Surfers Paradise (beach) is also a few metres away. Public transport such as taxis is just as accessible as the attractions that surround the accommodation. In fact, the G:link light rail includes a stop within the surrounds of Apartment 4204. Buses, meanwhile, can take visitors from the doorstep of Apartment 4204 to their preferred theme parks.

The entertainment and dining options are nearby which is handy, yet further enough for the noise not to travel through and reach the apartments. As a personal note, this is a huge advantage for any traveller since it helps cut down costs. Over the past year, visitors to the Gold Coast have spent less during the holidays. While there are many possible explanations, one of these is that they have learned to be smarter on where they are spending their money on, including an accommodation that is strategically located.

The review touches on the public amenities found in Apartment 4204 Surfers Paradise. These include a swimming pool, spa, and gym. A highlight of this iconic building is the Skypoint Climb, which allows tourists to climb to one of the highest points of the iconic building. According to its main website, this attractions uses specially designed technology to guarantee safety of climbers such as a belt that latches the climber to a side railing. It allows easy and comfortable climb and movement while providing a steady support. In every climb, a guide accompanies the group. All guides have been duly trained, and all climbers wear the proper gear.

For those not quite game enough for the client, the resort also offers an internal Skypoint Observation Deck and Café that gives visitors an unrestricted 360-degree view of the entire Gold Coast, as well as nearby islands and certain cities. This really is a great alternative for those who want great views but are not comfortable with climbing steep steps. I highly recommend it!

The article also reviews the accommodation on offer by the resort; in this case it was a 1-bedroom self-contained apartment. The resort has a number of options for travellers, from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms. The largest rooms can accommodate as many as 8 people with optional rollaway beds upon request.

The review highlights the balcony, which adds more space into the apartment, although depending on where you are located, the breeze may be more prominent. The interiors of the apartments reflect and complement the modern design of the building. Sliding glass windows can be opened upward. A huge glass door separates the main sections from the balcony while the floors are luxurious. The bathroom features a spa bath with a separate shower area. The dining and living rooms have enough space for all occupants.

Here at HRSP.com.au we offer a privately managed 2 bedroom apartment on the 42nd floor which as you can imagine give off amazing views.

When it comes to food, there are some options on the ground level. For those who want an incredible breakfast experience, the writer recommends eating in Skypoint Café where apparently the view makes up for the average buffet.

As to the price, an apartment can cost around $275 for an overnight stay. However, the longer you stay here, the lower the price becomes. Once in a while, the resort offers special deals or bundles that go along with the reservations which you can usually find by keeping track of deals on their website or through Social Media however, for an alternate and cheaper option, our privately managed apartment offers the same, if not a higher, level of luxury and comfort starts at just $199 per night.

In the end, the review mentions that despite having been around for around a decade, the hotel/apartments is able to maintain its stature as a premium upscale accommodation in the heart of Surfers Paradise.


Apartment 4204 Surfers Paradise can be your address during your stay in Surfers Paradise. HRSP.com.au offers a very affordable apartment from just $199 which could be yours. For accommodation in the heart of Surfers Paradise, book your Surfers Paradise apartment with HRSP.com.au today.

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