Why Are Apartments Preferred over Hotels?

Why Are Apartments Preferred over Hotels?

In my previous post, I highlighted some of the many strengths of staying in apartments as opposed to hotels for a Gold Coast holiday. Today let me shine on the major differences between apartments and hotels and why the latter seem to be better than the former in certain factors.

Accommodation Size

To be more specific, we are talking about the size of the apartment. Most Gold Coast hotels have small room size, and that is understandable as they are not designed to function like a home. They don’t have kitchens, living areas or multiple bedrooms. A typical standard room may have about 18 square meters which is suitable for two persons. Meanwhile, a small Gold Coast apartment may be about 50 square meters and can fit 2 people comfortable.

If you are one of those who don’t like feeling cramped, then it is pretty obvious that an apartment would be more to your likings.

Number of People

It is rare to find a hotel room that can fit 4 people. Usually, your options are to get more rooms or book a suite, which can be very costly. You can also find hotel rooms with adjoining rooms so you can now join two rooms, but this is double the expense.

Apartments, on the other hand, are known to accommodate more people than hotels. A one-bedroom apartment, for instance, is able to accommodation a group of 4. If you’re travelling with 6 in your group, then you can book a 2 to 3 bedroom apartment, which is still generally cheaper than 2 adjoining hotel rooms.

The idea of staying in one place together is really nice, because that is the essence of travelling as a group: you want to experience everything as one. This also makes planning the trip so much easier.

Child-friendly Accommodation

To be perfectly honest, I find Gold Coast apartments much friendlier than hotels for many reasons:

  • You can give a separate room for your growing child or teen without extra fees. You can’t do that in a hotel unless your child is around 7 years old and below, and he or she has to share the same bed with you. If you request a cot or an additional bed, of course, it means extra cost.
  • There’s more space to move around in apartments than in hotel rooms.
  • Your child will feel more comfortable and will adjust more easily to the idea of being in a different “home” since apartments may have the same configuration or sections as a standard house.
  • Apartments have informal facilities such as gardens, barbecue areas and several types of swimming pools that your children will surely love. Some Gold Coast apartments such asCrown Towers Gold Coast even offer an outdoor lagoon pool with pirate ship and waterslide which keep kids entertained throughout their stay.

Value for money

Many travellers these days are becoming more cautious about where they are spending their budget for travel. So it’s important that when booking Gold Coast accommodation, they find one that is within their desired price range.

Not all apartments are cheap, but if you research well, you’ll find those that are reasonably priced. HRSP.com.au has a great list of 1, 3 & 3 bedroom apartments in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast that are as low as $150/night, inclusive of a car parking, laundry, full kitchen, living and dining rooms and a balcony with an admirable view of the ocean, river, beach or the hinterland. Our apartments can accommodate between 3 and 8 people depending on the number of rooms. You can view our Gold Coast apartments via this link.

All apartments on offer on our website are within walking distance to Surfers Paradise beach and the entertainment and shopping sections.

You can also enjoy cost savings as you can prepare your own food. I personally like this because the money I save cooking meals I then add to my accommodation or attractions budget which means I get to enjoy my holiday all the more. In the end, I’m able to stretch my budget and get more from my trip which is a win-win in my book.

Added Privacy

This is not to say that hotels don’t have privacy, but I think I define privacy in respect to apartments as having more control over your own space. This may stem from the fact that apartments feel more like your own home than a hotel.

Does this mean hotels are not a good option? Not at all. For example, hotels are a great idea if you’re in town for a special occasion like a wedding or a conference and only need to stay overnight. They normally have the facilities and spaces available, which many apartments often don’t on short notice.

If you’re like travelling alone, you may find the simplicity of a hotel room more convenient. Also, if you can’t truly maximise all the amenities in an apartment such as laundry or kitchen, you may be better off in a hotel that costs a few dollars less. Further, I think it’s ideal to stay in an apartment if you’ll be in the area of at least 3 to 5 days. If you’ll be hopping from one place to the other, you may find hotels cheaper or offer more value for money.


If you’re traveling with 3 or more persons, choosing apartments as your Gold Coast accommodation option is simply a smart choice. Enjoy additional space, comfort, privacy and entertainment for your children and save money along the way.

HRSP.com.au can help you find the right accommodation based on your budget, needs and other preferences. If you’re still unsure what accommodation option is right for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call on (07) 5539 8553. Our friendly booking staff can find the ideal apartment or hotel room for your needs.

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