For most people, going on a holiday is a once-a-year experience, some many others it’s something they experience even less frequently. Holidays are often pushed aside or put on hold due to getting time off work, waiting for school holidays or simply, and all too often because one has to save enough money to afford our dream holiday destination. The simple thought of having a Gold Coast holiday is merely a dream for so many, but is it? This dream can be more of a reality simply by securing cheap accommodation on the Gold Coast.

Most people can’t simply drop everything and go on a holiday, so when the time comes that we are able to actually take a holiday; we tend to make sure that everything goes smoothly. You want to book the best accommodation on the Gold Coast, experience something new and see as many attractions and do as many activities as possible.

When going on a holiday to a tropical holiday destination like the Gold Coast, it is very important to have a balance of great experiences that will make your holiday memorable. You’ll want to experience not just the region’s beaches but also it’s thriving art scene, stunning natural sceneries, theme parks and attractions, and the mesmerizing nightlife on Surfers Paradise but for the ultimate holiday, you have to be able to afford all these luxuries. That is what securing cheap accommodation on the Gold Coast is so important. Send less money on accommodation so you can experience the finer things in life and enjoy great experiences that you’ll have with you forever.

You can make this possible through proper planning and making sure that you don’t over spend when booking accommodation on the Gold Coast. One way to save and one way to stretch your dollar is to find cheap accommodation on the Gold Coast way before your scheduled flight.

Now that we’ve opened your eyes to booking cheap accommodation, let me give you an idea of what you have to look forward to! The following are the Top Gold Coast Experiences gathered by a recent report from Tourism and Events Queensland.

Top Gold Coast Experiences

If you’re thinking about taking a Gold Coast holiday and in the process of planning where to visit and what to do to make your holiday memorable, it might help to know what previous guests have enjoyed in the region. Below are their top experiences:

Culture and Heritage – The Gold Coast boasts diverse and unique cultural heritage and rich history that tourists can experience by taking heritage walks, by going to exhibitions, and by visiting local museums and heritage centres. The region’s culture is defined by indigenous people who have lived and celebrated the area. Must-see cultural and heritage attractions include the following:

  • Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach. Conveniently located adjacent to Jupiters Hotel and Casino, this is a $167 million facility that serves as the region’s first convention centre where cultural and heritage exhibitions, sporting, and other special events are typically held throughout the year.
  • Gold Coast Hinterland Heritage Museum – This is where you can find a wide collection of heritage and historical materials that will give you a glimpse of the growth and development of the hinterland.
  • Gold Coast’s UNESCO sites – The Gold Coast has several world heritage listed national parks that you cannot afford to miss. These include Lamington National Park, Tamborine Mountain National Park, Main Range National Park, and Mt Barney National Park.

Nature Based – Personally, I think that the best thing about the Gold Coast is its well-preserved natural sceneries. Although the region receives thousands of visitors everyday, its leaders exert conscious effort to preserve the environment and natural sceneries. Aside from the hinterland, you should also check out the region’s best beaches, lakes, and mountains. Local zoos and wildlife parks should also be on your list!

Indigenous – The Gold Coast boasts some of the country’s richest and most diverse cultural indigenous experiences that attract thousands of tourists from around the globe. I recommend taking advantage of Balunjali interpretative cultural kayak tour that connects pristine nature with Aboriginal culture. This will take you through Southport Broadwater where you’ll typically find turtles, stingrays, and dolphins. Here, you can also participate in traditional mock hunt and participate in lesson on basic survival skills.

Food and wine – One of the best things about the Gold Coast is that you’ll never go hungry. With wide range of dining options, the region is committed to satisfying your cravings. Whether you’re looking forward to sampling regional cuisine, craving for fresh seafood, or looking for buffets that serve international dishes, the Gold Coast’s dining districts and in particular, the wide range of restaurants and eateries at Surfers Paradise will surely not disappoint.

Book cheap accommodation so you don’t have to sacrifice great experiences

When coming to the Gold Coast, you’ll find that there are so many things you’ll want to experience. There’s the theme parks, countless attractions, amazing wildlife centres, etc. There are also a long list of great adventure trips that you can take advantage of which include; mountain climbing, learning how to surf, trekking the mountains, etc.

Surfers Paradise, Gold CoastIf you’re on a tight budget but would like to experience as much of the Gold Coast as possible, you will need to find ways on how to stretch your dollar. One way to do this is by finding cheap accommodation on the Gold Coast. For cheap accommodation without forgoing quality and comfort, can help. We offer cheap accommodation in luxury Surfers Paradise apartments. Choose from our two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments to suit your budget and your needs. Get more information about our impressive apartments by going to our main page where you can find actual photos and even videos. For booking, call us at 07 5539 8553 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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