Done with exploring the sun kissed beaches, surfing, tanning and beach fun on the Gold Coast? Then it’s time for a change of scenery; consider the Hinterland; the green holiday destination of the Gold Coast where you’ll find wildlife, mountains, rainforests, valleys, nature trails, parks, waterfalls and other fascinating sights.

The jewels of the Hinterland include Tamborine Mountains and Springbrook National Parks offering an array of activities for the nature lovers. Below is an overview of what you can expect from each destination;

Tamborine Mountain is the third oldest National Park in the world, making it a rich heritage site. Skywalk through high canopies and take joy in the amazing visual experience. Indulge in ‘Tree top challenge’- crawling through the tunnels, walking on rope bridges and other jungle activities at the Thunderbird Park. Take a gallery walk to view local arts, crafts. Visit the breweries and wineries to savor local beer and wines and have local food at wide choices of eateries.

Explore Springbrook National Park to enjoy the oldest species of trees and plants, one being mushrooms that glow in the dark and beautiful birds. Take a guided tour of the Glow worm caves to have a starry viewing experience. Rejoice in dramatically beautiful waterfalls.

Both destinations are a 50 minute drive from the Surfers Paradise Accommodation offerings of HRSP, but are easily commutable via convenient and ample modes of transport – and well worth the effort, might I add.

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