The Gold Coast has been consistently one of the most visited regions in all of Australia. Every year, thousands of domestic and international tourists choose our beautiful region for their holiday destination due to several reasons. The Gold Coast is the perfect place to relax and to rejuvenate both your mind and body after working for weeks or even months. It offers a breath of fresh air, scenic attractions, relaxing beaches, great shopping centers, entertainment, and much more. If you’ve been here before, you’ll have to agree with me when I say that it is really a piece of heaven on Earth. Spanning 1,400 square kilometres and extending from Beenleigh to Coolangatta and Darlington Rangers, the Gold Coast is an exciting city with amazing climate and stunning beaches. Gold Coast tourism is booming and forecasts indicate it’s only going to continue to improve.

Gold Coast as a tourist destination

According to a study conducted by Tourism and Events Queensland, the Gold Coast has come a long way as a holiday destination. In the year ending March 2010, domestic and international tourism expenditure was $3.9 billion. Today, it boasts facilities that that rival most Australian capitals. It features a state-of-the-art casino, airport, race course, and two sporting stadiums. Because of it’s ability to attract thousands of tourists year after year, the Gold Coast has managed to provide jobs to thousands of its residents and it has become a more attractive place to move to. Its population, which is currently at around 500,000, is growing at the rate of 16,000 per year.

Based on statistics published online by the Council of the City of Gold Coast, the region welcomes more than 12 million visitors per year with 22.4million annual visitor nights. Because of this, the Gold Coast tourism industry is able to add an average of $1.5 billion in value to the local economy and it has employed about 27,000. Annual visitors also give business to 151 hotels, motels, and serviced apartments. Key markets include China, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, South East Asia, North America, and Gulf countries. Major attractions include some of Australia’s best beaches, waterways, rainforests, theme parks, convention centres, sporting venues, cultural activities, diverse events, and world-class accommodation.

Another reason Gold Coast tourism is booming is due to the almost perfect sub-tropical climate. The Gold Coast enjoys almost 300 days of sunshine per year that most people, particularly those who are coming from countries with cold winters, really find comfortable. Average temperature all year round is 29°C (83°F).

The Council of the City of Gold Coast also revealed that 20% of the city’s total earnings come from the tourism industry. Aside from the money spent by tourists on establishments, the city also earns from diverse businesses that are being put up due to healthy Gold Coast tourism.

Positive Impact of Gold Coast tourism

While tourists clearly benefit from their Gold Coast holiday, leaving with recharged minds and bodies and great memories, a pumping Gold Coast tourism also has positive impact for those people who call it home.

Based on a study conducted by Tourism Queensland, 55% of residents agree that tourism have positive impact on their lives and on local community. The same number of respondents agrees that their local area should keep attracting the same number of tourists as it offers several benefits both to residents and to the region. When asked if residents observed improved economic benefits, 90% of them said yes. 20% said that growing Gold Coast tourism has positive affect on personal quality of life and 62% said that there is a positive effect on community as a whole. When it comes to increased regional profile, 77% agreed that Gold Coast tourism had helped in this aspect. Meanwhile, 59% agreed that tourism benefited the Gold Coast because it increased local pride. 62% said that they observed improved facility maintenance due to the fact that more and more visitors come here every year. Also, 77% agree that because of the growing tourism, new infrastructure were made while 72% agree that tourism resulted to additional interesting things to do.

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Very few Gold Coast tourists would realise just how much their holiday is helping the Gold Coast tourism industry and our residents. Now that you know, you’ve got another reason to visit the sunny Gold Coast and enjoy all the amazing attractions that it offers.

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