I am sure you know that the Gold Coast is one of Australia’s prime tourist destinations. But do you have any idea how many tourists choose to spend their holiday here? Well, based on the official figures released by the Queensland Tourism, the region has welcomed a total of 11.843 million visitors in the year ending December 2013 and this number includes domestic day, domestic overnight, and international visitors. With this number, it is not hard to understand why tourism remains to be one of the thriving industries in the region, right? The Gold Coast’s healthy tourism has benefitted several businesses including restaurants, holiday accommodation providers, theme park operators, and many more.

Family dining on HolidaysDo you ever wonder why the Gold Coast so popular to both local and international visitors? Well, this is because the region ensures that there are great activities for everyone. You see, you don’t have to be a surfer to enjoy the region. In a very unlikely event that you don’t find the beach appealing, you can take a guided tour to the hinterland where you can explore amazing waterfalls and where you can have a picnic with your family or with your loved ones by the rock pools. You also have the option to visit vineyards, ride a horse or hot air balloon, or take a trek through the wild bush. Travelling with kids? The Gold Coast is the home to multiple theme parks, attractions and wild life sanctuaries.

As a holiday accommodation provider, I can guarantee you that no matter how long you stay, you’ll never run out of things to see or do. In fact, you should be more concern about how you’ll be able to experience everything that the Gold Coast has to offer throughout your stay.

Visitors expenditure on their Gold Coast Holidays

If you’re planning a Gold Coast holiday for the first time and concerned about your budget, it may help you to know how much and what previous guests spent their money on. Below is the list of their expenditure per item:

  • Accommodation – Not surprisingly, holiday accommodation will take a huge part of your budget. For last year’s visitors, they spent a total of $944 million on holiday accommodation. The Gold Coast, being a prime tourist destination, is home to luxury hotels, apartments and resorts. But if you want to save some money, you do have a lot of options such as hostels, backpackers, motels and budget rentals. However, if you don’t want to sacrifice comfort or luxury for that matter, your best option is to book an apartment. Compared to other Gold Coast holiday accommodation, apartments are very affordable and are generally more spacious. Here at HRSP.com.au, we offer a three bedroom apartment that can sleep 10 guests for under $300! that’s less than $30 each per night.
  • Food and drinks – The Gold Coast is a culinary paradise. Whether you’re looking for freshly caught seafood, a range of international cuisine, sweet tropical fruits, and mouth-watering desserts, you can be sure to find everything here. With so many great choices when it comes to food and drinks, last year visitors have spent a total of $853 million on this. If you want to save, you have the option to use fully equipped kitchen when you book one of our serviced apartments. This can save you hundreds of dollars on restaurant bills especially if you’re on a family holiday or with a group of friends.
  • Shopping – The Gold Coast is home to some of Queensland’s most iconic shopping centres making it the retail therapy capital of Australia. Shop from large retail chains, smaller boutiques, alternate stores on the edge of main shopping districts, and don’t forget the night market in Surfers Paradise where you can buy great stuff for very low prices. Some of the major Gold Coast shopping centres that are worth checking out include Robina Town Centre, Harbour Town, Pacific Fair, Australia Fair, etc. Last year’s visitors spent a total of $406 million on shopping, so start saving now!
  • Entertainment – There are no dull moments on the Gold Coast because it is the entertainment capital of Queensland. Aside from the renowned theme parks that are perfect for the whole family, you can also take advantage of nightclubs and pubs that are for older guests. You can also check out wild life parks, the hinterland, heritage sites, and who can forget our beaches that are just perfect for swimming, sunbathing or surfing. Wondering how much last year’s visitors spent on entertainment? Well you’ll be surprised to know it was a whopping $206 million!
  • Transportation – Last year’s visitors spent a total of $574 million on transportation. $267 million was spent on airfare while $160 million was spent on fuel. The remaining $147 million is for other transport fees, which include bus and taxi fares. To keep travel costs down its always a good idea to book your holiday accommodation as close as possible to the area where you’ll be spending the most amount of time. Taxis can be expensive so booking accommodation in walking distance really will make your dollar last longer!

Book your holiday accommodation with Gold Coast Holiday Rentals

Now that you have an idea on how much you may spend to have a great Gold Coast holiday, the next step that you need to take is to book your holiday accommodation as early as possible. To save, choose apartments like the ones we offer here to get great value for your money.

You can also book any of the apartments online. For questions and quick assistance, you may call 07 5539 8553 and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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