The Gold Coast receives a large number of Chinese Tourists every year

China has led the way in terms of international visitors to the Gold Coast for as long as I can remember. It seems above all other countries, our Chinese visitors simply cannot get enough of what the Gold Coast has to offer and I, for one, am not at all surprised. With exquisite beaches, lovely entertainment districts, brilliant shopping precincts and a plethora of tourist attractions along with fantastic Gold Coast accommodation deals, it’s easy to see why the Gold Coast continues to be a loved destination and thankfully, this love affair looks to only get stronger.

The Gold Coast supports Chinese Tourism

With new direct flight paths and fantastic Gold Coast accommodation deals on offer, I expect to see many more Chinese visitors hitting our shores. Today, I’ll look at our relationship with China in more detail and recommend some of the best Gold Coast accommodation deals which will surely be snapped up in no time.

The Gold Coast receives maximum number of international tourists from China

Statistics have a lot to reveal about the importance of Chinese visitors to the Gold Coast. For the year ending June 2015, the maximum international tourists visiting the Gold Coast were from China, totalling a massive 212,000 visitors (representing a healthy 13.1% increase from the previous year). Chinese visitors spent a cumulative total of 1,009,000 nights on the Gold Coast. These figures are far greater than the figures presented by other international markets such as New Zealand or the UK and this just goes to show that the number of Chinese tourists visiting the Gold Coast is on the rise. Recognising this fact, a large number of accommodation providers are offering Gold Coast accommodation deals to meet this growing demand presented by Chinese tourists.

New direct flights from Hong Kong to the Gold Coast

In order to meet the growing demand of Chinese travellers flying down to the Gold Coast, Hong Kong Airlines has launched new direct flights to the Gold Coast and Cairns. These flights will cater to the needs of tens of thousands of Chinese visitors flying down to Australia every year.

Mr. Li Dianchun, commercial director of Hong Kong Airlines said, “The route is designed to cater to the growing demand for tourism in Gold Coast and Cairns, both of which are popular destinations for leisure travel, leveraging our connectivity in Asia via the international hub, Hong Kong”.

At Gold Coast Holiday Rentals, we are well aware of the new flight plan and we are very happy to see Hong Kong and the Gold Coast share a mutual appreciation for one another. As such, we have some fantastic Gold Coast accommodation deals prepared to offer to the influx of Chinese visitors to the Gold Coast.

Great accommodation deals offered by HRSP

Here, at Gold Coast Holiday Rentals, we also recognise the importance of Chinese tourism and are in complete support of it. As such, we have some great Gold Coast accommodation deals for Chinese tourists as also all other types of international tourists at our self-contained apartments in Surfers Paradise. With quality accommodation at our luxurious apartments, starting for as low as $89 per night at some of the leading holiday resorts on the Gold Coast, we are definitely the ones to contact for the best Gold Coast accommodation deals.

Gold Coast Holiday Rentals manages well over 50 apartments in some of the best holiday resorts on the Gold Coast. Our apartments are fully furnished and boast of modern facilities and world class amenities to meet the needs of international tourists. Every year, we cater to a large number of Chinese tourists and we’re proud to be one of the most preferred accommodation providers on the Gold Coast.


Recent statistics have revealed that a large number of Chinese visitors flock down to the Gold Coast every year and this number is only rising. Accommodation providers on the Gold Coast are beginning to recognise this trend and are increasingly changing their offerings to suit international travellers, especially Chinese tourists.

For the best Gold Coast accommodation deals, get in touch with us at Gold Coast Holiday Rentals. With over 50 apartments that are under our management, we can offer you with the best deals for your upcoming holiday.

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