Gold Coast, Queensland, is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, is a coastal city in South-Eastern Queensland on the East Coast of the country. Stretching from Beenleigh and Russell Island, Gold Coast features waterfront canal living and some of the most popular surf breaks in Australia.

Based on recent figures, there were 6 million tourists who have visited Australia from 2012 to 2013, making tourism the region’s biggest industry. This contributes billions of dollars into the economy year after year and it accounts for one in four jobs in the city.

The Gold Coast’s major tourist attractions include its pristine beaches that are considered some of the best in the world. These include Broadbeach, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise and Currumbin just to name a few. It is also the home to great shopping centers, breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery, and the countries best theme parks.

Your Typical Gold Coast Tourist

According to the report released by Tourism Research Australia, 66% of Gold Coast visitors are female while 34% are male. The biggest age group is 35-44, which represents 23% of Gold Coast visitation. The second largest group is 45-54 followed by 25-34. These figures give us a clear picture of a typical Gold Coast tourist: middle age female.

When it comes to lifestyle, the same report confirms that 48% of visitors have family. 15% are young/midlife couple with no kids followed by older working single/couple. 10% are young/mildlife single with no kids and the remaining 13% are older non-working single/couple.

43% of these visitors come to the Gold Coast with their immediate family member while 29% are joined by their partners. There are 18% who come here with their friends and family while 5% go here alone.

When it comes to household income, 19% of Gold Coast visitors make between $78,000 to $103,999 per year. 17% said that they were earning $52,000 to $77,999 while 12% said that they make $104,000 to $129,999.

Purpose of Visiting the Gold Coast, Queensland

64% of visitors stated they came to the Gold Coast for a holiday while there were 21% VFR travels (visiting friends and / or relatives). There were also 14% who visited the Gold Coast for sporting events while a small number of visitors (1%) were here on business.

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The biggest number of tourists came from Queensland representing 36% of all the visitors who visited the Gold Coast. This is followed by New South Wales (20%), international tourists (17%), Victoria (16%), South Australia (6%), Western Australia (3), Australian Capital Territory 2%, and Tasmania (1%).

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