Going on a holiday can cost a lot of money especially if you’re thinking about spending several days or even weeks overseas. You’ll have to think not just the airfare, which could get really expensive particularly during high season, but also the accommodation, food, transportation, and the cost of signing up for tours. Without proper planning, you can easily go beyond your budget and if you’re just like other people, you might end up with unexpected credit card debt. To avoid this, I recommend the following; start saving for your holiday months in advance, look for cheap accommodation and flights ahead of time, travel with as many people as possible, and try your hardest to stick to your budget.

If this is the first time visiting the Gold Coast, you may be wandering how much money you’re going to need to have the kind of holiday that you’ve been dreaming about. If that’s the case, it helps to know how much previous visitors spent on their Gold Coast holiday, so I did a little research and found some surprising results;

Based on the official figures released by Travel Queensland, the region received a total of 11,843,000 tourists in the year ending December 2013. This number includes both day and night visitors. People who were here on holiday (2.211 million) spent a total of $2.090 million, which represents 76% of Gold Coast Tourism revenue. These visitors spent a total of 10.321 million nights on the Gold Coast and spent an average of $945 each throughout their visit. On the other hand, they’ve spent an average of $203 per night during their stay.

Expenditure overview

Below is the breakdown of what Gold Coast tourists spent their money on. Based on your preferences, you may or may not need to budget for these results, though it would be a good idea to keep these figures in mind, worst case is you end up with extra spending money!

Accommodation – Based on the figures of the report, it can be confirmed that Gold Coast visitors’ number one expense when travelling is accommodation. Last year’s visitors spent a grand total of $944 million on different types of accommodation. If you’re on a tight budget and if you want to lower the overall cost of your Gold Coast holiday, the first thing that you need to do is find cheap accommodation – this will really help you stay on budget. Although hotels are popular options, they aren’t always the cheapest. So, when looking for cheap accommodation on the Gold Coast, I suggest that you consider serviced apartments, like the ones we offer here at Gold Coast Holiday Rentals. Our apartments are located in some of Gold Coast’s most popular hotels and resorts however; they are individually managed so you can be assured that they are properly maintained. In addition, this gives us the flexibility to offer lower rate so we can give you great value for your money. For example, you can book Apartment 1314 at Chevron Renaissance from just $135 per night. This three-bedroom apartment is big enough to easily accommodate 4-6 guests making it great value for money at around $20 per person, per night (6 pax). Located on the 31st floor, it boasts stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. It features 3 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, spacious living areas, well-appointed interiors, all-weather wraparound balcony, and world-class furniture and appliances. Now, that is something you won’t expect for just $135 per night, right?

Another way to secure cheap accommodation is to book way in advance. If you’re booking months before your scheduled flight, you will not have a hard time asking for up to 30% discount. Also, book during low season as Gold Coast’s accommodation can be extremely expensive during summer and school breaks.

Family dining on HolidaysFood and Drink – The second biggest expense of Gold Coast travellers was food and drink. Last year’s visitors spent a total of $863 million for these. The Gold Coast is home to five-star restaurants and beachfront cafes that serve Australian and International dishes. You’re looking at $25-38 for a main meal also, so it’s little surprise that food and drink came in second on the list.

The Gold Coast’s culinary diversity makes it a dining attraction for foodies, holiday visitors, and even Gold Coast families. If you’re trying to reduce holiday expenses, then I suggest avoiding eating easting out as much as possible. Experience dining at one or two of our fine restaurants during your stay but keep it a minimum. Aside from trying equally delectable food served on food courts, cheap eateries, and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, you can save on food cost tremendously if you’ve booked your cheap accommodation in a serviced apartment that features fully equipped kitchen. This is a huge thing especially if you’re travelling with your family. Instead of spending about $40-$80 per person for each meal, you can serve home cooked meals instead that cost a total of $40. If you’re staying for more than 3 days, I can assure you that this can help you save not just hundreds of dollars. By the way, all the serviced apartments that we offer here at Gold Coast Holiday Rentals feature fully equipped with modern kitchens. In addition, they also come with laundry facilities making them perfect for long-term stays.

Gold Coast ShoppingShopping – Based on the report, it can be said that last year tourists to the Gold Coast had a great time visiting the region’s spectacular shopping districts. They have spent a total of $406 million for this expense alone. Going on a Gold Coast holiday means experiencing not only the region’s best beaches and natural sceneries, it also means being closer to some of Queensland’s biggest and most stylish shopping centres where you can buy designer clothes, gadgets, accessories, and even souvenirs for your loved ones back home. To save money on shopping, I suggest that set a shopping budget even before you head to the shopping centre and stick to it. Personally, it helps if I don’t bring my credit card with me so I don’t splurge.

Airfares – Surprisingly, airfare comes in fourth on the list. This is because several countries around the world are now offering budget airlines and direct flights to Queensland. Last year’s visitors spent $267 million on this mode of transportation. Saving on airfare is relatively easy these days. What I suggest is that you plan early so you can book your flight several months in advance. Also, make use of comparison website that can give you the cheapest flight that you can take advantage of when going to Gold Coast. This should help you save a couple of hundreds of dollars.

Other transport fees – Last year visitors spent a total of $147 million on other transport fees. This include taxi fare from airport to their choice of accommodation, bus fares for those coming from Surfers Paradise who want to explore theme parks and other attractions, and of course, car rentals. The visitors who chose to bring their cars also spent $160 million on fuel.

Entertainment – The Gold Coast offers several attractions for all type of visitors. It doesn’t matter if you’re going here alone, with friends, or with your family, there is definitely something that will keep you entertained. These include much loved theme parks, heritage sites, wildlife centres, and much more. Personally, I think that you should spend more money on these attractions and I would recommend that you check out as many tourists spots as possible as they can definitely enrich your overall experience. You can save by booking your tickets in advance, signing up with packaged tours, and by going with as many people as possible.

Also, when visiting a theme park, make sure to buy combo tickets that will allow you to enter to another partner theme park for a huge discount. Combo tickets work for MovieWorld, SeaWorld, and Wet ‘n’ Wild. There is also another combo ticket for WhiteWater World and DreamWorld. It would also help if your bring your own snacks and drinks not just when going to the theme parks but when you’re taking hike to the Hinterland or when you’re visiting a wild life centre. Food offered in these places are ridiculously expensive and generally, not very healthy. Pack some great, healthy treats for your kids and always bring bottles of water.

Also, keep in mind that the Gold Coast can offer you with free but great entertainment as well. For example, I would recommend going to the beach, just bring towels, food, and drinks. You can then play Frisbee, build sand castles, and have a picnic right there with the glorious sunset as your backdrop. A little creativity can help you really stretch your budget especially if you’re staying here for more than five days. Also keep in mind for free entertainment; taking a hike in the hinterlands, or visiting a beachside market.

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