How do I keep up with the trends and make sure continues to be competitive in the accommodation market? I read! I read a lot. I can’t tell how many articles I read on a daily basis—I’m not kidding. And often I’ll come across a gold mine such as the one I came across today from Vacation Rental Marketing Blog which outlines their expert predictions for holiday rentals for this year.

Expert Predictions for Holiday Rentals in 2015

In this article I thought I’d explore their predictions in further details to see if these predictions will affect holiday rentals in Gold Coast.

First, according to the article, it’s a ripe time for acquisition, usually with bigger and more stable brands buying smaller but up-and-coming and aggressive ones. Obviously, the answer is simple: to minimise competition. But in a much broader perspective, big websites add more functionality for their users while small companies can take advantage of the stability and even financial capabilities of these big brands.

This year may also be a time when we’ll see or read more regulations especially for management of holiday rentals in Gold Coast. In other words, we may be seeing more professional managers. So far, nothing is still set in stone, but it’s more likely that we’re going to have examinations or certifications for these managers. Not only that, but properties for reservation may now be run not just by owners but by these professionals.

Having these regulations can then have a nice effect for holiday rentals, especially in Gold Coast. We can look forward to a better-quality customer service and accommodation.

The growth of holiday rentals in Gold Coast also gives birth to more of us, those that solely cater to holiday travellers and visiting family and friends. If you look back on the statistics I’ve shared with you over the last few months, these two types of travellers have been on the rise if we speak about Gold Coast, and most probably one of the reasons is the catered or customised service.

Now how are these accommodation options different from all the other hotels? To give you some idea, these properties are:

  • They are usually self-contained and can accommodate at least 3 to 4 people in one room
  • They often contain many of the amenities found in a home
  • They are located close to local attractions and public transport to get around Gold Coast is easy and convenient
  • They are equipped with family-friendly facilities such as swimming pools, spas, saunas, game rooms, shops and often on-site restaurants. They also have services such as tours and airport transfers.

This will also be the year of instant bookings. You see, before, when you want to book an apartment, for example, you need to communicate with the owner or manager first. It’s usually a to-and-fro emailing, which takes so much time. With instant booking, you can skip all that and book the holiday rentals in Gold Coast you like before others do.

Thankfully here at we’re well ahead of the times on this one. We have a full secure booking engine ready to take real-time bookings 24/7. If you haven’t already searched our site, give it a go! You may just find the idea holiday rental for you and your family!

If there’s one prediction that seems to contradict with the trends especially in Gold Coast tourism, it’s that price will still matter. BUT travellers will be after value for money. They won’t mind spending at least $150 a night if it means getting a self-contained apartment that can accommodate up to 8 people, who can then share the entire cost of the room and here at, they can find just that!


To sum everything, we are moving towards something better. These predictions should encourage more holiday travellers to explore, knowing they can expect a more superior and personalised accommodation experience. For your holiday rentals in Gold Coast, check out your options from

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